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Funeral Types

Cremation, finding the right place and space

If you would prefer to be cremated we work with 5 local crematoriums.

We can liaise with whichever crematorium you choose, to plan each aspect of the funeral. From arrival to any special requests you may have for the service.

Why Choose Us?

Stockton Crematorium

Address: Junction Rd, Stockton TS19 9NA

Phone: 01642 527342

Visit their website here

Kirkleatham Crematorium

Address: Fishponds Rd, Yearby TS11 8HH

Phone: 01642 771041

Visit their website here

Hartlepool Crematorium

Address:  Stranton Cemetery Lodge, Tanfield Rd, Hartlepool, TS25 5DD

Phone: 01429 274517

Visit their website here

Middlesbrough Crematorium

Address: Acklam Rd, Middlesbrough TS5 7HD

Phone: 01642 817725

Visit their website here

Darlington Crematorium

Address: Carmel Rd N, Darlington DL3 8RY

Phone: 01325 406744

Visit their website here

Take care of everything

We can handle every aspect of the funeral arrangements so you don’t have to.


Luxury Vehicles

If burial is your preferred choice you can advise us whether this will be a new or existing grave

For new graves the main decision is which cemetery to choose.

If you do not already have a family grave we can advise where new graves are available, either in a church or council cemetery or a woodland burial site.

Whichever you choose, your funeral director can advise you on the cost of purchasing ground and interment.

Council Cemeteries

Not all council cemeteries have room for further burials. Pre-purchasing of ground in local council cemeteries is very limited and although ground may be purchased in advance, specific plots are not allocated until time of need. 

Church Cemeteries

Mostly assigned at time of the need, after liaising with Church.

Woodland Burial Sites

These are mostly in council cemeteries and are allocated at time of need.

Tree for Life

Personalised Jewellery

Cloud Memories

Create lasting memories

Unique personalisation services allow you to preserve valuable memories beyond the funeral.