Cleaning & Renovation

We offer an expert service in Cleaning & Renovation of memorial stones and headstones.

Cleaning & Renovation

Over the years the gradual action of the weather, the local salt air, the sap, leaves, seeds and berries which fall from overhanging trees and the accumulation of mosses and lichen all have an effect on the condition of the memorials to the loved ones in your family.

Renovation can reveal once more the beauty of the original memorial.  Whether its a re-gilding of the initial gold-leaf lettering, a much needed re-blackening, the replacement of lost letters or just a thorough clean which is needed, we will be happy to undertake the work.  The renovation of memorials may not cost as much as you might imagine.

Please contact our office for further advice.  We’ll inspect the headstone or memorial WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION and let you have a detailed costing of the work we consider necessary.  You then have the choice about how you would like us to proceed.


Maintenance Advice

Granite is a natural stone found in many different colours.

It is common for the surface of the memorial to be highly polished which makes it very easy to clean, as dirt cannot take hold on a shiny surface.

This is a list of DO’s & DONT’s below is a very simple guide so please contact our office team if further information is required.

How to Clean

DO use clean water.

DO use a soft brush or sponge.

How Not to Clean

DON’T use fairy liquid or any other types of cream cleaner.

DON’T use furniture polish or any other types of polish.

DON’T use abrasive scourers to clean/ polish surfaces.

DON’T scrub at any letters or design with a hard brittle brush.

DON’T scrub bird droppings: especially on GILDED lettering.