Meet the team

Known throughout our local community for the highest standards of compassionate care

When you place your trust in Rose Funerals you can expect the highest standards of professionalism, and a truly distinct service.  The role of your local funeral director is to ease the stress and burden of decision-making, to listen carefully so that we may offer you expert guidance and provide you with a single point of contact who is always on hand to ease any worries or uncertainty with compassion and care.

Jamie Thomson

Owner/Funeral Director

Jamie started Rose Memorials in 2006 producing memorial headstones and then opened Rose Funerals in 2012 where his vision was to look after families, with a fantastic team around him he feels rose funerals is fulfilling that vision.

‘I am passionate about providing best value and service to my families and believe the funeral service should be exactly how a family decide and I will always try and provide that no matter what has to be done. When you place your trust in Rose Funerals you can expect the highest standards of professionalism, compassionate care and a truly distinct service.

Brian Thomson

Funeral Director

Brian, Jamies Dad has helped and is a part of the Rose Team, although he is now retired from his main occupation he is always willing to help and assist with any tasks given to him.

‘I am happy to help at any time if team rose need me. Although I am retired, I am still made to feel a part of the team and get to attend the Christmas parties!’

Julie Thomson

Funeral Arranger

Julie, Jamies Mum Started with Rose Funerals from the beginning and has seen it grow into a company that has the perfect team giving our families the service they and their loved ones deserve.

‘Although I am scaling down my hours I am still very much a part of the future and vision for Rose Funerals which is to always strive to deliver the very best service for our families’

Megan Thomson

Accounts Manager

Megan, Jamies wife has been with the company since 2016 and runs the accounts and administration.

‘As a family run business our mantra is to provide families with the most dignified of funeral service whilst also keeping costs low and affordable’

Millissa Wilson - MBIE FDsc

Operations Manager

We were pleased to welcome Milissa to the rose team in 2017 as operations manager. Milissa has brought her vast experience and knowledge which we feel offers our families the best practice and care. She started her career many years ago within the funeral industry and then took a path into embalming which she rose to be the chairman of the British institute of embalmers. Milissa   also has an accredited embalming school where she has given many people an opportunity with a passion for the funeral industry to follow their career dreams.

‘I was invited to join team rose as an operations manager as I believe in Jamie’s vision and that all families should be treated with the utmost respect. When they entrust us with their loved one, we want them to feel that they are in the best care’

Lois Cole

Funeral Director

A dedicated and caring funeral director that has been in the service almost 11 years, after starting at a young age her ambition was to care for families at their most difficult time in need. Lois has grew with the company and is a valued member of our family.

‘After serving families for just over 11 years, I am honoured and humbled to professionally guide families through the saddest time of their lives.’

Rachael Myers

Manager/Funeral Director

A professional and kind hearted funeral director for four years.  After starting out in the health care industry several years ago, Rachael wanted to embark on her passion to become a funeral director. Rachael thrives in her role.

‘I have cared for families for many years and love my job, I know that I can make a difference in peoples lives at their most difficult hour’

Stephen Toogood


Supervisor/Stonemason – Stephen has been with the company for two years and as a supervisor, he organises and erects memorials and headstones.

‘At Rose Memorials, we create completely unique, timeless headstones and memorials, having somewhere to visit your loved one can be extremely comforting, and it offers a place for you to visit that is always going to be there’

David Carney

Funeral Operative

David joined the team in 2016 as a funeral operative, as time went on david realised the funeral profession was his passion and his end goal was to become an embalmer. Rose saw this ambition in David and funded him to attend Embalming school where now he is awaiting his final exams.

‘I joined the team not knowing a lot about the funeral industry but after several months I grew to want to be more involved and enquired about an embalming course. Rose kindly offered to fund me through the course, and I see my future with Jamie and the team’

Kelsey Ward

Administrative Assistant

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Kelsey joined team rose in 2020 as a stop gap between university. Realising how rewarding looking after families is, she showed great enthusiasm and work ethic and was invited to join us on a full-time basis.

‘I attended university with no real idea of a career path, I was given the opportunity to join the team and now I would like to see my career progress as a funeral director in the future.’

Alex Fraser

Funeral Operative

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Alex – Alex worked in the engineering industry but whilst unemployed was offered a position to be a funeral operative, Alex’s main role is to take care of the families when driving and bearing throughout the funeral procession. We have found Alex to be most respectful and polite.

‘Jamie gave me an opportunity to change my direction in my career and at rose, you aren’t just a number you are a family’

Craig Wilson

Funeral Operative

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Craig joined the team from the retail industry, he showed us enthusiasm and manner from day one. He is a funeral operative and a memorial mason when required.

‘I worked in retail for many years but found it unfulfilling, I joined the team in 2019 and I feel I have been given the opportunity to progress and be part of team rose’

Mark Loughran

Funeral Operative

Mark has been with Jamie from the beginning of Rose Memorials and has travelled the journey from memorials to funerals. He is a loyal and valuable member of the team.

‘I started with Jamie as a labourer not knowing where my path was but as the company has grown, my role has expanded and my opportunity within the company has become broader’

David Tinkler

Memorial Stonemason

David was also with Jamie from the beginning and saw his interest in creating long lasting memorials for families. David is mainly in our workshop where the design and artwork for our bespoke headstones is produced.

‘It is important for families to have their design and vision for a headstone as this is the last tribute to your loved one. I take pride in my work when I see a memorial finished and erected.’